Harmonic Mycology is unfolding a long-term and multi-faceted vision for enhancing the health and vitality of humyn and ecological systems in the 21st Century. The first phase of our work is the development and sale of top-quality medicinal mushroom products. These products are designed to fostering greater physical, psychological and spiritual health as we move through challenging and uncertain times. The second phase is intended to expand humyn engagement with fungi through the teaching of workshops and courses on medicinal mushrooms, fungal ecology and cultivation. Finally, Harmonic Mycology will engage more deeply in mycoremediation, reforestation and filtration, bringing healing to ecosystems and landscapes through the application of mycelial technologies. Further research and development will be devoted to bleeding edge advancements in humyn-fungal relations.

Meet the Team

Andrew Reid

Creative Director

Andrew is a coder, humyn ecologist and mycelial technologist. After completing a Master's degree in anthropology and working as an ethnobotanist, he spent 2016 travelling through South America while volunteering on permaculture and mushroom farms. With seven years of mushroom cultivation practice and a deep fascination with the multidimensional healing potential of fungi, Andrew sees these often overlooked beings as vital allies in the restoration of harmony to humyn and ecological systems. He draws on fungi as master teachers of decentralization, resilience, collaboration and humility as he works toward the co-creation of an abundant future for the planetary spaceship he currently calls home. Cultivation, web development and teaching form the core of Andrew’s Harmonic Mycology contributions. He loves riding his bicycle, reading sci-fi and geeking out on decentralized networks.

Young man crouching beside chicken-of-the-woods mushroom growing on oak tree
Young man holding up glass jar containing lion's mane mushrooms

Peter Herrmann

Managing Director

As a qualified movement trainer, natural athlete, martial artist, outdoor enthusiast and entrepreneur, Peter's main contribution is the growth of Harmonic Mycology as a business and the advancement of societal knowledge about the use of mushrooms as food and medicine. He has dedicated much of his time in recent years to studying the taxonomy, biology and beneficial components of medicinal and culinary mushrooms. Peter is driven by his passion and insatiable curiosity for fungi and is particularly interested in their potential for environmental healing and as sustainable sources of textiles and building materials. He sees mushrooms and fungi as the missing link in the modern diet and as intelligent medicine for the people of the 21st Century. Peter runs the Harmonic Mycology Facebook and Instagram pages and is always eager to discuss possible collaborations.