A triangular pyramid of mycelium held up on an outstretched palm. Sunshine can be seen streaming into the room behind the pyramid. A shallow bowl made of mycelium and hemp hurds, seen resting on the branches of an Aloe plant in the sunshine outdoors.
Two cardboard pyramids glimpsed inside a clear plastic bag. Islands of fluffy white mycelium can be seen growing out of the pyramids. Closeup of mycelium showing water droplets which have been exuded from the mycelium. A view of the inside of a bucket composed of mycelium and coco coir, densely colonised around the rim and less so on the inner surfaces. A hand holding an upside down bowl made of mycelium and hemp hurds, with a background of a garden foliage. White, rectangular brick with a smooth texture and made of mycelium.
Two mycelium-covered pyramids inside a clear plastic bag. Some of the underlying cardboard is still visible through the mycelium and shows green branding. A bucket shape unevenly covered by white mycelium, with uncolonised coco coir visible in patches across the surface. Side view of a bowl made of fluffy white mycelium and sitting on a crinkled black plastic bag. Close-up of a mycelium bowl showing pieces of hemp hurds embedded in dense, smooth white mycelium. Close-up of a hand resting palm-down on a white block of mycelium.