Harmonic Mycology was founded in 2015 and continues to unfold as a long-term, multi faceted venture for enhancing the health and vitality of humyn and ecological systems in the modern age. The first phase of our work is the development and sale of top-quality medicinal mushroom products. These products are designed to fostering greater physical, psychological and spiritual health as we move through challenging and uncertain times. The second phase is intended to expand humyn engagement with fungi through the teaching of workshops and courses on medicinal mushrooms, fungal ecology and cultivation. Finally, Harmonic Mycology aims to engage more deeply in mycoremediation and mycomaterials, bringing healing to ecosystems and landscapes through the application of mycelial technologies. Further research and development will be devoted to bleeding edge advancements in humyn-fungal relations.


Peter Herrmann

Amateur mycologist, adventurous mycophile, citizen-scientist, and entrepreneur

I am the co-founder and creator of Harmonic Mycology. The beginning of my journey was mainly dedicated to the development of Harmonic Mycology as a business. I have since turned my focus to learning and developing different cultivation techniques necessary to grow a variety of functional and medicinal fungi for the production of health products and with hopes to educate, inspire and empower people in the extended community to do the same as a way to create decentralized and collaborative socio-economic networks, improve food security and to gain wider access to the Fungi that can feed us and heal us.

I am deeply driven by my curiosity for the discovery and development of mycelial technologies and the advancement of societal knowledge and the use of Fungi as food, medicine, textiles, building materials and bio-technologies. I believe through establishing a deeper relationship with Fungi and improving methods for communication we are able to develop creative, restorative and sustainable solutions to modern day health problems, whether it be humyn, societal or environmental.

I'm on a mission to acquire as many novel strains as I can to establish and maintain a culture library with the intention to preserve and protect our global myco-diversity and combat potential issues related to large-scale overharvest and exploitation of our rare Fungi.

My vision for the coming years is to establish a team of like-minded and skilled individuals who share the vision of building a multi-species, collaborative and cooperative future - mimicking the true nature of Fungi and the selfless role they play in all living systems in our universe.

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